An Exceptional Career Awaits at Happier Living

At Happier Living, we are dedicated to our mission of expanding access to the highest quality care, with psychotherapy as the cornerstone for exceptional clinical outcomes.

As a valued clinician at Happier Living, you’ll thrive in a supportive environment surrounded by talented colleagues. We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work/life balance, and we are committed to ensuring your professional fulfillment through excellent compensation and rewarding opportunities for growth and leadership.

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One of the unique aspects of working with us is the opportunity to have a much smaller client roster compared to industry standards. You’ll primarily work with low-acuity clients who are mostly dealing with depression, anxiety, or individuals looking to improve their mood or relationships.

Join us at Happier Living and be part of our community of clinicians dedicated to delivering exceptional care and improving mental health outcomes!

Happier Living

Our Care

At Happier Living, we embrace psychotherapy as the bedrock foundation for achieving exceptional clinical outcomes. If you envision yourself as a clinician who values engaging in deeply connected, long-term therapeutic relationships with your clients, Happier Living offers the ideal environment for you to thrive.

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Happier Living

Our Clients

Established in 2011 by Dr. Lawrence Genen, Happier Living has been committed to increasing access to affordable care since its inception. A significant milestone was reached in 2018 when we embraced telehealth as an early adopter, further advancing our mission. As an outpatient tele-health service that accepts insurance, we cater to a client base consisting mainly of low-acuity, high functioning individuals seeking support for depression, anxiety, and personal growth in areas such as mood enhancement and relationship improvement.

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Happier Living

Our Clinicians

We prioritize our clinicians above all else with our motto,

“The Clinician is our First Customer!”

This philosophy drives our commitment to providing personalized support to every member of our clinician community enabling them to flourish as care providers. Furthermore, we go the extra mile by investing in essential resources to enhance the productivity and enjoyment of our clinician’s workdays.

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Happier Living

Our Practice

Happier Living offers the best blend of academic medicine, professional practice, and clinical research, creating an unparalleled experience. Our commitment to excellence is evident through our exceptional training programs and ongoing live Continuing Education Units (CEUs). In addition, we foster a collegial atmosphere through our weekly Case Conferences and engaging Research Projects, encouraging collaboration and growth. With a strong emphasis on professional development and leadership, we provide extensive opportunities for advancement in your career.

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Happier Living

Why Join?

When you join Happier Living, you not only gain administrative benefits but also have the privilege of working with clients who are actively dedicated to improving their mental health and overall well-being. Our focus centers on high-functioning and self-motivated individuals, fostering a culture that values continuous self-improvement.

At Happier Living, we embody qualities that set us apart in the healthcare industry. We are empathetic, compassionate, and easily accessible, while constantly striving for innovation. Our services are designed to be affordable, making quality mental healthcare accessible to a wider population. Most importantly, we create a welcoming environment, addressing a crucial aspect that has often been missing in the healthcare industry.

By streamlining administrative tasks, we empower our doctors to dedicate more time to communicating with and assisting their clients, reducing paperwork and bureaucratic burdens. This allows for a greater focus on delivering quality care and fostering meaningful connections with those we serve.