Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Similar to our Psychiatrists, our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners embrace and share their expertise in therapy and psychopharmacology.  They work well as members of an interdisciplinary team. Successful candidates are committed to the welfare of their clients’ and are adept at self-care, ensuring they are prepared to give their best every day.



Your Next Amazing Career, Right Here

Happier Living is a Career Platform for Psychiatrists and Therapists. As a group practice that focuses on providing outpatient care to high-functioning successful individuals and families, our group blends the best of academic medicine and private practice. Clinician well-being is at the core of our culture. In our field, your success and that of clients is highly correlated with being happy and truly satisfied yourself. Happy doctors equal better outcomes for clients and the best work environment imaginable.

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Ideally, how many hours per week are you interested in working?
Our group embraces and uses live video therapy via Zoom to increase access to care.  All successful candidates will share this passion for using Zoom.   It may be possible to work entirely remotely using Zoom.  Please indicate "Yes" if working totally remote is of interest to you.

Additionally, please identify the top two physical locations you are most interested in.  If you want to work entirely remote, please identify the two areas you prefer the most for attending weekly case conferences.


MD/DO: Please identify the degree under which you are licensed to practice medicine. PhD/PsyD/LCSW/MFT/MA: Identify which degree you are licensed to practice under (this means you have completed all of your clinical hours and are licensed by the California Board of Psychology or Board of Behavioral Sciences).


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