We Accept Your Health Insurance

Happier Living accepts health plans from most insurance carriers, including those listed below and Medicare. We update our providers frequently, so call us at 888 68 HAPPY if you don’t see yours listed.


We’re In-Network

*Many Blue Shield plans subcontract mental health benefits with Magellan. We are not in network with Magellan. Please call Blue Shield to confirm who provides your benefits.

We accept most Medicare plans. Call for details.


How It Works

If You Are Using Health Insurance

We bill your insurance provider for each visit, and you cover the estimated co-payment, coinsurance or deductible amounts. The amount that you owe depends on the specific health insurance plan you have.

We dislike surprise medical bills as much as our clients. It’s why we ask our clients to provide insurance information prior to scheduling a first appointment. Surprise medical bills are likely to interfere with treatment and our relationship. And fundamentally the services we offer are based on developing and enjoying a successful therapeutic relationship. Our clients usually don’t have just 1 or 2 visits, but benefit from a long-term relationship with our care team. Knowing what our services will cost you is really important to developing and maintaining a great relationship.

We recommend every client be proactive and ensure that your insurer is paying for benefits you expect to receive. When using your healthcare insurance to pay for visits, we always recommend you call the number on the back of your insurance card to learn more about your mental health benefits.

When paying for your portion of visits, payments are made prior to receiving services. We accept all debit or credit cards. We do not accept cash for payments.

ACA and Covered California

Am I Still Covered?

We previously participated with exchange plans. Unfortunately the major insurers we participated with have withdrawn from the Covered California exchange. We remain committed to partnering with insurers that provide us with the best opportunity to provide the high level of care and service you expect from Happier Living. Our goal is to participate with as many plans as possible, and we expect to continue to expand the list of participating plans over time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 888 68 HAPPY.

Paying Directly

Rates for Services

Therapy and Nutrition
$100 – 40 minute session with a nutritionist
$125 – 40 minute session with a therapist

Medical Professionals
$250 – 20 minute follow-up session with a medical professional such as a psychiatrist / psych nurse practitioner
$500 – 40 minute session with a medical professional such as a psychiatrist / psych nurse practitioner

Many of our clients make use of their healthcare insurance benefits to access our services, alternatively, you can choose to pay directly for services. Although there is a nationwide shortage of mental health professionals and very few accept insurance, our group is committed to increasing access to mental health – it’s one of the reasons we accept insurance. By working with major insurers, most clients are able to access our services by only paying the co-pay, co-insurance or unmet deductible.

Financial Health is one of the 5 categories of PERFiC because we understand that no one is immune from financial stress. We appreciate that a successful outcome for our clients only comes about through an ongoing relationship with your care team. That means regular visits with different members of your team. No one wins if you only have one visit and get a surprise medical bill. This is why we make every effort to verify your insurance benefits before you confirm an appointment. And due to how complicated healthcare insurance has become, we recommend you always call your insurer directly to confirm your financial responsibility and understand your benefits. As is true in life in general – no one will advocate for you better than you – whether it’s dealing with your insurer or deciding today to make different choices as you pursue your PERFiC life.

Our Services

Optimal Mental & Physical Health