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Awaits at Happier Living

Welcome to Happier Living, the premier career platform for psychiatrists, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners, psychologists and therapists. We are a group practice specializing in delivering exceptional outpatient care to high-functioning individuals and families. By blending the strengths of academic medicine and private practice, we offer a unique and rewarding career opportunity.

Happier Living

An unparalleled day-to-day experience

At Happier Living, we prioritize clinician well-being and make it the cornerstone of our culture. We understand that in our field, your own happiness and satisfaction are deeply intertwined with the success of your clients. Happy doctors lead to better outcomes for clients and create the best possible work environment. We are dedicated to creating an environment where you can thrive both professionally and personally.

Our group practice specifically caters to high-functioning individuals and families who are seeking exceptional outpatient care. By concentrating on this demographic, we provide you with the opportunity to work with clients who are motivated, engaged, and committed to their own growth and well-being. This unique focus allows for meaningful and impactful therapeutic work.


At Happier Living, we combine the best elements of academic medicine and private practice. You will have access to cutting-edge research, clinical resources, and ongoing professional development opportunities, ensuring that you stay at the forefront of your field. Simultaneously, you will enjoy the autonomy and flexibility typically associated with private practice, allowing you to shape your own schedule and clinical approach.


Join Our Vision for
Exceptional Care

If you are seeking a career that not only makes a difference in the lives of your clients but also prioritizes your own happiness and fulfillment, Happier Living is the place for you. Our supportive environment, focus on clinician well-being, and commitment to exceptional care create the perfect platform for your next amazing career. Take the next step and join us in shaping the future of mental health care.

Why Happier Living?
There are many great things about working with Happier Living. Please select the top 3 reasons you would like to be apart of the Happier Living team.

Flexibility - Work whenever, wherever; Support - We provide support, so you can focus on providing care; Consistency - We keep you busy, a full schedule without worrying about marketing; Holistic Approach - We developed the P.E.R.Fi.C. System to set goals and track progress in key areas for clients to achieve a balanced life; Long Term Relationships - A small roster of clients so you can build meaningful relationships; Collaboration - Our clinicians have the opportunity to participate in case conferences.

Please upload in PDF format.

CAQH is a credentialing database that maintains provider’s professional and practice information for claims administration, credentialing, insurance directories, and more. We use this simultaneously with their credentialing application to make sure all their information is accurate. More info. If you do not have a CAQH profile, please visit CAQH.org to create one.

  1. Click the red "Review & Attest" button in the top right hand corner of your CAQH account
  2. Go to the section labeled "Download your State Application" and select the box
  3. Select the state
  4. Uncheck "Including Supporting Documents"
  5. Download the file
  6. Attach the file to your application!