Benefits of Live Video Therapy

Therapy On Your Time, Wherever You Are

Live Video Chat with Your Therapist

A New Way to Connect with Your Therapist

How great would it be if you could meet with your therapist or psychiatrist from the comfort of your own home, using your phone or computer to connect for a video-chat? Can’t deal with traffic and parking? It’s ok, close your door at the office and sit back and settle in for a video chat session.

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Now It’s Easier Than Ever to Meet with Your Therapist

It’s like FaceTime or Skype, but for your health. Our group has partnered with Zoom, a secure HIPAA compliant video platform that enables clients to meet with their clinicians using their phone or computer.

Not only do our clients love Video Therapy, but our team members really enjoy it as well – with all parties being able to work when and how they find the most comfortable and efficient. Happy doctors mean you’re getting the best possible care imaginable.

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