Happier Living

A Foundation in Psychotherapy

At Happier Living, we wholeheartedly embrace the significance of evidence-based psychotherapy as the cornerstone for attaining exceptional clinical outcomes. Our comprehensive care model revolves around 40-minute weekly recurring appointments, creating a nurturing environment that offers you the time and space to foster profound, enduring therapeutic alliances with your clients.

In addition to our dedicated therapists, we encourage our PMHNPs and Psychiatrists to see themselves first and foremost as therapists also. Talk therapy lies at the core of our care philosophy, and we hold all of our clinicians to the expectation of prioritizing psychotherapy during the majority of each session.

“Therapy is about establishing goals
for what you want your life to look like,
and then developing and executing a plan of action
to achieve those goals.”

Dr. Lawrence Genen, MD, MBA
Founder, Director of Psychiatry

Happier Living

A Personalized Approach to Care

Our Clinical Leadership deeply comprehends the distinct requirements of each client, which is why we grant our clinicians substantial autonomy in selecting therapeutic approaches tailored to their individual practice. To ensure the provision of highly personalized care, we encourage our clinicians to explore a diverse range of therapeutic modalities. While we value the exploration of various approaches, we do hold the expectation that all our clinicians possess proficiency in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – a well-established and effective modality renowned for delivering prompt, tangible, and enduring solutions.

The P.E.R.Fi.C System

Our founder, Dr. Lawrence Genen, developed The P.E.R.Fi.C. System as a powerful tool to guide our clients in setting and tracking their progress across five essential domains for a harmonious life. With this transformative system, our clinicians collaborate with clients to assess their current standing on an A to F scale in each category: Physical Health, Emotional Health, Relationships, Financial Health, and Career & Passion. Together, we define what an A-grade achievement means to them in areas that require improvement.

By recording their self-set goals, our clients embark on a journey towards a happier life. With our clinician’s unwavering support, they make remarkable strides, periodically revisiting their goals, celebrating accomplishments, and adapting them as needed. The P.E.R.Fi.C System serves as a tangible roadmap, illuminating the path as we continue to navigate life’s intricacies.

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