Happier Living

A Rewarding Client Population

At Happier Living, we have the privilege of working with a remarkable client population actively dedicated to enhancing their mental well-being. Our focus centers around high-functioning and self-motivated individuals, fostering a culture that deeply appreciates the continuous journey towards self-improvement.

The majority of our clients are proactive in confronting challenges such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, or seeking to elevate their mood and relationships. By forming therapeutic alliances with our clients, our clinicians cultivate an enduring and deeply gratifying career experience.

Being part of Happier Living means engaging with individuals who are committed to their own growth, creating a dynamic environment where we can witness transformative progress and share in the satisfaction of helping clients thrive.

Happier Living

Expanding Access to High Quality Care

To achieve our mission goal of expanding access to the highest quality care, Happier Living accepted insurance from its inception in 2011. We’re listed with all of the major insurance panels in over thirty states now and have provided over 500,000 unique sessions of care.

Then, in 2018, we made a huge leap in our mission when we became an early adopter of telehealth. As a vanguard in modernizing the delivery of high quality behavioral healthcare, we found our stride as an organization which wholeheartedly embraced psychotherapy as the core to our unique approach to care.

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