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Clinician Founded, Clinician Led, Clinician is our First Customer

Clinicians are the cornerstone of Happier Living, embodying our commitment to exceptional care. We were founded by a psychiatrist, we are led by clinicians, and to foster an ideal career experience for our clinicians, we wholeheartedly embrace the motto,

“The Clinician is our First Customer!”

To uphold this philosophy, our Clinical Leadership Team is devoted to providing personalized and exceptional clinical support to each clinician. Additionally, our practice management firm, HardLoop, offers outstanding administrative support, alleviating the burdens that clinicians may face. We are continuously seeking ways to enhance and strengthen the support structures we have meticulously built.

Moreover, we’ve made remarkable investments in cutting-edge technology to empower our clinicians with a seamless, efficient, and rewarding day-to-day experience. By leveraging technology and providing the best possible support, we enable our clinicians to focus on what truly matters: delivering the highest quality care to our valued patients.

Happier Living

Complete and Personalized Support

From the very outset of a clinician’s journey with Happier Living, our Clinical Leadership Team remains actively involved and committed to supporting their clinical success. We understand the significance of comprehensive training and our Clinical Leaders have developed a robust program. Furthermore, our Clinical Leaders are readily available on a daily basis, establishing a dependable and continuous support system for our clinicians.

On the administrative front, our esteemed practice management firm, HardLoop, handles all billing, client support, and other management tasks, including prior authorizations. By entrusting these responsibilities to HardLoop, we strive to minimize the administrative burden on our clinicians, allowing them to dedicate their time to client care.

At Happier Living, we recognize that providing exceptional support is essential for our clinicians’ professional growth and overall job satisfaction. Our Clinical Leadership Team and HardLoop work diligently to create an environment where clinicians can thrive.

Happier Living

Strategic and Significant Investments in Technology

Enhancing the clinician experience at Happier Living is a central objective we prioritize through strategic investments in technology. By ensuring a streamlined practice, and equipping our clinicians with efficient tools, we enable them to maintain unwavering focus on meeting their client’s needs.

Our Clinical Leadership Team, in collaboration with our community of clinicians, has comprehensively developed our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, Athenahealth. Through the integration of templates and macros, completing session notes becomes a seamless process for our clinicians, and along with sending in labs or prescriptions, can be completed during the appointment time. These efforts to provide ease and efficiency culminate in a day-to-day experience that closely resembles shift work. This allows our clinicians to enjoy their time outside of clinical hours as they see fit.

At Happier Living, we understand that leveraging technology optimally is paramount to facilitating a satisfying clinician experience. By continuously investing in cutting-edge solutions and refining our systems, we ensure that our clinicians can dedicate their energy to providing exceptional care, unburdened by administrative tasks.

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