Alok Dube, MD

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Dr. Alok Dube, MD, is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist who, from an early age, recognized the transformative power of healthcare. This understanding was deeply influenced by observing his father, a devoted Family Medicine doctor, positively impact numerous lives. Dr. Dube’s foundational education includes a BA in Psychology from the University of Alberta, followed by his MD from the Windsor School of Medicine. 

Clients who seek Dr. Dube’s expertise aren’t merely gaining access to his vast medical knowledge but are also embracing a well-rounded, holistic approach to mental well-being. His care philosophy is driven by deeply personal experiences and a fervent desire to genuinely help and uplift. Among peers and clients, Dr. Dube stands out for his thoughtful, empathetic, and inquisitive nature. He frequently underscores his commitment by stating, “I am here to help.” Each day, he looks forward to the novel challenges and the renewed opportunities to make a positive difference in his patients’ lives.

Outside the clinical setting, Dr. Dube leads a balanced life filled with varied interests. Whether he’s immersed in a game of basketball, analyzing fantasy football dynamics, relishing a captivating novel, or enjoying the latest movie, he engages with the same passion he brings to his work. His affinity for boxing, diverse musical tastes, and treasured moments with friends and family further illustrate a man who values depth in both his professional and personal endeavors.


Education & Training

University of Alberta

Dr. Dube earned a BA in Psychology from the University of Alberta.

 Windsor School of Medicine

Dr. Dube received his MD from the Windsor School of Medicine.