Brittany Toliver, NP
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
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Mrs. Toliver is an experienced Board Certified Family Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with years of experience with complex cases. Prior to becoming a nurse practitioner, Mrs. Toliver worked with patients in emergency departments and inpatient psychiatric units. After seeing that she could make a difference in the lives of others, she decided to further her education at Georgia State University. She has worked with a population of underserved individuals in the prison system and has been a clinical liaison for patients that are hospitalized due to medical issues.

She is dedicated to providing the evidence-based care that patients deserve. She desires to establish long-lasting relationships with clients. Mrs. Toliver enjoys giving back to the community by being a mentor to students. Having provided medication management and therapy to patients across the lifespan for anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, dementia, and ODD. She believes that encompassing all aspects of mental health is essential.

When not spending time with patients, she enjoys spending time with her children and family. She is high energy and enjoys a challenge!


Education & Training

Georgia State University

Mrs. Toliver earned her Master of Science degree in Nursing from Georgia State University