Chris Lascurain, LCSW

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Mr. Chris Sanchez Lascurain is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Mr. Lascurain received his Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work with a specialization in Children & Family Studies from the University of Southern California. His clinical training focused on providing psychotherapy for marginalized populations utilizing Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which identifies the effects on traumatic stress of individuals and their families. Chris has worked for social service agencies engaging students individually and group psychotherapy services (virtually) for client’s with severe cases of mental illness (depression, anxiety, suicide, bipolar disorder, etc.) utilizing trauma-informed care and wellness techniques to help clients navigate through social systems (community, school, mental health, career, housing, substance abuse) and increase positive self-esteem.

Working with social services agencies he worked closely in the community counseling and coaching family members, educators, paraprofessionals, school-based providers, and community-based agencies on behavioral health methods to assess, identify, and provide trauma-informed interventions to youth with emotional, social, attendance, and behavioral challenges. Chris also supported staff members and interns and lead professional development trainings addressing COVID19, Mindfulness and Wellness, Trauma-Informed Care, Positive Parenting Training, Nutrition, Youth Engagement, Safe Sex Practices, Healthy Relationships, Harm reduction, Stages of Grief, and Understanding Mental Health Diagnosis. Chris has a passion to work with youth and young adults. He has designed and developed an educational curriculum (self-paced, instructor lead, virtual) with teachers and school faculty for students with Individual Education Plan/504 Plans that aided youth in graduating from high school.

Chris discovered while working in social services and school districts that one common problem youth and parents had was navigating systems and social service agencies. Budget cuts in school and lack of resources leave adults in these systems overworked, underappreciated, underpaid, and stressed out. The common thing noticed between youth and adults is that they don’t take the time to listen to one another, thus leading to misunderstandings. Chris enjoys bringing the two opposing views together (adult and youth) and teaching them how they can better communicate their needs and support one another. Chris also incorporates technology in his goal planning with clients and finds that it helps people be more successful at meeting their goals. Creating visually appealing psychoeducation in collaboration with clients has been beneficial in helping them create and sustain positive change. He is creative with technology and is passionate about helping people discover positive mind and body regulation through mindfulness.


Education & Training

University of Southern California

Mr. Lascurain earned his Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work with a specialization in Children & Family Studies at the University of Southern California