Christina Mancuso, LCSW

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Ms. Christina Mancuso is a health and wellness ambassador and enthusiast. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a graduate of New York University’s clinical graduate program.

Ms. Mancuso has been a Behavioral Health practitioner for 25 years and is passionate about my work. Her experience includes all age groups but focuses on those who are approaching development and life changes. She specializes in CBT and developing growth through change. Christina works in relationships, trauma, early childhood development, eating disorders, and substance abuse. Her focus is to enlighten others on why patterns in their life occur and then assist in facilitating growth through that awareness. She supports and encourages a healthy and wellness lifestyle for her clients. A healthy body fosters clarity and empowers a healthy mind. Mancuso takes a very proactive approach to treatment, strength-based and solution-focused. She believes that every individual has the ability to grow and evolve providing that they have the desire.

Goals in therapy define what that process looks like. Once you and Christina establish a path, knowing there are not two paths alike, then the two of you can begin to walk down that path and discover. There are many unique ways to approach events and issues that may arise on this path. Clients are then left with what success means for them. Some may view success as understanding their path while others may choose to change their path for another direction. It really is a journey that begins with the relationship between Christina and her clients.


Education & Training

New York University

Ms. Mancuso completed the Clinical Graduate Program at New York University