Contessa Strother, LMFT
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Ms. Contessa Strother is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California.

Ms. Strother earned her Master of Science degree in Counseling at California Baptist University.

She has over 14 years of experience in the field. She is passionate about raising awareness in order to assist struggling marriages in finding their way back to each other, as well as working with individuals who require assistance in working through difficult life transitions and those attempting to identify their personal potential for growth.

In her work with individuals, she employs a strength-based approach that incorporates increasing awareness of the learning strategies such as Cognitive-behavior therapy and Solution-Focused Therapy, to strengthen your ability to deal with stress, move forward in areas of your life where you may feel stuck, or boost your self-esteem. Individuals dealing with grief, anxiety, depression, or relationship problems may benefit from these approaches as well. You can give yourself permission in therapy to find new ways to cope with your emotions, distressing life events, and relationships in order to experience joy or contentment regardless of your past or present circumstances.

She uses principles from Emotion-Focused Therapy in her work with couples, which allows each spouse to understand each other’s emotional responses and to create new relational cycles that invite a deeper emotional attachment. It has a high success rate with couples based on over 20 years of empirical research.

Outside of work, she enjoys creating art and staying active outdoors.


Education & Training

Biola University

Ms. Strother received her Bachelor’s degree from Biola University

California Baptist University

Ms. Strother earned her Master of Science degree in Counseling at California Baptist University