Elizabeth Ashton, LCSW

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Ms. Elizabeth “Liz” Ashton is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is able to practice in both the states of California and Oklahoma.

Ms. Ashton attended the School of Social Work at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma, receiving her Bachelor’s Degree followed by her Master’s Degree.

She received her Oklahoma license in April of 1992 and her California license in March of 2019. Although she went back to college somewhat late compared to others, the enthusiasm and joy she felt to be able to help others for a living was a true motivator to her. After working in a factory for over ten years, she thought she was one of the luckiest people on earth to get to work with people, helping them to identify their strengths and abilities while they worked through the more difficult events in their lives. In addition, she spent several years learning to work with trauma and to utilize several interventions and theories to do so.

Liz worked a mundane (unexciting) job until she returned to school and focused upon learning to become what would be her dream job, being a Therapist. She worked full time at a tire factory while obtaining her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree. She enjoys connecting with clients by establishing a trusting relationship based on honest communication. Liz utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help clients make changes through addressing how they think, feel, and act. She has felt very happy about being able to work in the mental health field because of the challenges presented by interesting people, and because of the satisfaction and joy that comes from helping them find their path to health and wellness.

Liz Ashton is happiest in nature where the beauty is astounding. Most parts of California have beauty in the landscape. Plants are huge and have colors that can be vivid and beautiful. There is a lot of energy in beautiful places and in mountains, beaches and lakes. There are beautiful places not only in California but all over the world. Liz enjoys traveling and then capturing the beauty by taking pictures of the beauty. When not outside or visiting a beautiful place, she is listening to “Books on Tape” primarily focused on World War II historical novels. These books describe a time that was very frightening. It encourages the listener to count her blessings!


Education & Training

University of Oklahoma

Ms. Ashton received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma

University of Oklahoma

Ms. Ashton received her Master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma