Elizabeth Wise, LCSW

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Dr. Elizabeth Wise graduated with a Masters of Social Work with a concentration in Mental Health from the University of Southern California. She just completed her licensure hours while also obtaining her PsyD from California Southern University. Over the last few years, Elizabeth’s job as a therapist at Ananda Rayne, STEPS, Aspire Behavioral Health, Clinica Sierra Vista, and Sovereign Health has helped her gain a great deal of knowledge about ​behavioral health and addiction.

It is important to note that she worked with children, teens, individuals, couples, and family therapy providing psychoeducation and psychotherapy, and is open to using a wide range of modalities depending on each case. Dr. Wise has many years of experience with dual diagnosis and trauma clients. She loves incorporating her background in art, writing, and music into therapy work. Most of all, Elizabeth believes that therapy is a team effort, we are both working to improve your quality of life, happiness, and success however you may define it. She works with no judgment, just positive regard for you and your desire to evolve.

Dr. Wise believes that anyone has the power to grow and evolve from past trauma and stagnancy. She loves incorporating her creative background into therapy, meaning she believes art can be used as a therapeutic tool to communicate with yourself and others. She uses a number of modalities according to your presentation such as Psychotherapy, Jungian Therapy, DBT, CBT, Positive Therapy, Oject Relations, and Bowenian Therapy.

Elizabeth loves painting, writing poetry and lyrics, singing, tennis, hiking, and hanging with her amazing husband and beautiful German Shepard named Kioke.


Education & Training

University of Southern California

Dr. Wise earned her Master of Social Work degree with a concentration in Mental Health at the University of Southern California

California Southern University

Dr. Wise earned her Doctor of Psychology degree at California Southern University