Erin Burrell, PSYD
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Dr. Erin Burrell is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in both the states of Indiana and Illinois.

Dr. Burrell earned her Bachelor of Science (Honors) degree while living abroad in England prior to completing her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She has also gained additional training in the treatment of trauma-related disorders.

Working with incarcerated individuals for a number of years, Dr. Burrell has provided therapeutic services to those struggling with mood disorders (anxiety, depression), trauma-related disorders, grief, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, and personality disorders.

Dr. Burrell believes that many of our thoughts and feelings are outside of our awareness yet influence our everyday choices and outlook on life. Left unattended, these feelings and thoughts can come out in unhealthy ways – often resulting in depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and/or low self-esteem. As a result, we can feel powerless to change our current circumstances and end up self-sabotaging what we want out of life.

Dr. Burrell creates a compassionate and non-judgmental environment where clients feel safe to explore how their life experiences are impacting their everyday lives. She “meets clients where they’re at” and believes that each person has specific strengths and works to utilize those strengths in treatment. With a psychodynamic perspective, Dr. Burrell incorporates various elements of empirically supported interventions that fit the client’s current stage of treatment needs and goals.

Dr. Burrell’s favorite pastime is visiting different cultures. She believes that traveling helps us discover our “true self” and encourages us to develop alternative perspectives about others and the world. Dr. Burrell also places an emphasis on the role of music in our lives. She believes that music is a form of escapism and spent many years DJing while living overseas.


Education & Training

University of Bolton

Dr. Burrell received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Bolton

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Dr. Burrell earned her Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Indiana University

Dr. Burrell attended Indiana University