Farzana Bland, PSYD
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Dr. Farzana Bland is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in the state of California.

Dr. Bland earned her Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology at Alliant International University.

Dr. Bland was drawn into the field of psychology due to her strong desire to make a difference in the lives of others. Dr. Bland’s goal is a career that would afford her the opportunity to have a flexible working arrangement. She finds it most satisfying to constantly meet new people from who she learns so much.

Dr. Bland has been working steadily in the field of psychology for 21 years because every day is a learning opportunity. No two days are alike. She loves meeting people from all walks of life whose life she can impact and who help her grow as a therapist.

Dr. Bland is a first-generation Afghan American. Dr. Bland and her family arrived when she was 7 years old, as refugees. Coming from a war-torn region can definitely shape how you view the world and human nature. It forces you to be resilient and to develop coping skills and strategies to assimilate to new cultures and environments. She pulled from this experience when working with clients who struggle with life change, loss, and self-acceptance.

She cherishes her “me” time.  She believes it is extremely important to take care of herself so that she can be effective and present with clients, as well as my family and friends. She relaxes by reading classic literature such as Mark Twain, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Nathaniel Hawthorne. She loves to spend time with her 12-year-old daughter, her husband of 14 years, and her 1-year-old Morkie. They teach her to be patient and to see the humor in things even when things are chaotic. Drl Bland makes every effort to have dinner with my family and goof around.

The most important thing a client should know about Dr. Bland is that if she doesn’t know the answer to a problem, she will never pretend she does. Dr. Bland will let you know that she doesn’t know but will make every effort to learn with them.


Education & Training

Alliant International University

Dr. Bland earned her Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology at Alliant International University