Flora De Filippo, PHD
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Flora De Filippo holds a Doctorate in Psychology from Rutgers University.

She is honest with her clients and doesn’t say things just to make them feel better. They discuss what she thinks they need to know.

She has extensive experience in brain injury rehabilitation and has worked in skilled nursing facilities and prisons and has worked with people from all different walks of life.

De Filippo likes to use humor in her sessions. She uses bilateral stimulation, a form of EMDR, and finds it very productive. She is working on EMDR skills. She employs mindfulness and Unified Protocol for emotional disorders.

She has met some very interesting clients and connects with people she never would have met in her daily life. She learns so much from them. She sees how complex life is, and she appreciates how relatively benign hers has been.

De Filippo grew up on Long Island. Her professional choices were teacher or nurse, and she chose secretary since neither of those careers interested her. As a secretary she could work any place, so she worked at NBC in New York City. She decided to go back to school after her kids were born and took a psychology course. The passion of the professor was contagious. She was hooked. Ten years later and she had her doctorate.

When De Filippo isn’t working, she likes to be with a small group of friends and have dinner, sit around a fire and have wine, and go to the movies (pre-COVID). She is an avid reader and an animal enthusiast and has multiple pets).


Education & Training

Rutgers University

Dr. De Filippo holds a Doctorate in Psychology from Rutgers University.