Ibrahim Iftoni, NP
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
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Mr. Ibrahim Iftoni is a Board-Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

He started his career 19 years ago in Virginia as a Certified Nursing Assistant and quickly rose through the ranks by getting his Nursing degree at the University of Texas at Arlington. He worked in several hospitals and long-term care facilities as a geriatric nurse, psychiatric nurse, ICU nurse, and occupational health nurse.

Iftoni felt a special connection with the psychiatric population and decided to pursue a career in mental health as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. He got his Master’s degree at Walden University and is embracing the opportunity to make life better for the psychiatric population and people in his community. Iftoni does not view mental illness as a disease process, or as one’s identity, but as an obstacle in life that can be neutralized with the appropriate help.

Iftoni likes the outdoors. You will find him outside with his children during the summer – you cannot keep them in the house. They spend a lot of time at the pool, beach, playing soccer, volleyball, biking, and just living life.  In his free time, he enjoys volunteering at the local shelter and vacationing with his family. His motto is to “treat others as you want to be treated.”– The Golden Rule.


Education & Training
University of Texas at Arlington Logo

University of Texas at Arlington

Mr. Iftoni received his Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the University of Texas at Arlington

Walden University

Mr. Iftoni earned his Master of Science degree in Nursing at Walden University