Joseph Stertz, LCSW

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Mr. Joseph Stertz is a therapist and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

You might also call him a seeker, a listener, and a pathfinder. Together in counseling, the two of you will explore the terrain of your inner life. Inside yourself is where you’ll find what you truly value, and you’ll use those values as a guide on a path towards your truest self.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Joe helps people who long for peace, joy, and contentment, but who feel suffocated by sadness and paralyzed by fear. Walking with people as they move towards a sense of wholeness and acceptance is what he does in counseling, so they can achieve their goals.

He knows from his own path to wellness that people of all different faiths and beliefs, who are involved in a regular spiritual practice, can still struggle, but can also find peace. Over the last 20 years, Joe has been a helping professional. He’s been a minister, a teacher, and a peer support specialist. For the past three years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate and now a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, he’s done individual, group, and family therapy for all ages.

If you are struggling with sadness or depression, worry or anxiety, therapy might be helpful. It’s difficult to feel positive about yourself and the world, talking with a therapist might help.


Education & Training

University of South Carolina

Mr. Stertz earned his Master of Social Work degree from the University of South Carolina