Karena Butler, NP

Nurse Practitioner

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Karena Butler, NP is a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner with a specialized focus on mental health. Hailing from Garland, TX, Karena’s commitment to aiding others took root early. Even as a child, she was drawn to volunteer roles within the medical domain, particularly after witnessing the transformative power of holistic care at a daycare center for children with autism. This experience underlined the importance of seeing beyond diagnoses, nurturing her belief in the infinite potential of every individual.

Karena pursued academic excellence, earning her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the esteemed University of Pennsylvania. Her relentless pursuit of knowledge led her to obtain her Doctor of Nursing Practice from Rush University in Chicago. 

Her motivation to delve deeper into mental health care was galvanized during her college years. Karena saw firsthand the dire consequences of inadequate mental health resources for students. This sparked a fervent desire to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health and to bolster its accessibility.

Describing herself as kind, empathetic, compassionate, and fun-loving, Karena’s zeal for helping others isn’t merely bound by her profession. Clients can expect an unwavering commitment from her, underlined by her philosophy: “I am going to push you to grow.” To Karena, recovery goes beyond symptomatic relief. It’s a holistic journey of reshaping perspectives and behaviors to find contentment amidst life’s unpredictable ebb and flow. This vision fuels her every day, as she continuously seeks to instill hope in her clients, championing the belief that recovery from mental health challenges isn’t just achievable—it’s probable.

Karena’s treatment approach is client-centered. She emphasizes collaboration, believing that the best outcomes are forged when both clinician and client jointly steer the course of treatment. In her words, “Myself and the client have to work together to find the best treatment plan that will cause the change that you want to see in your life.”

Outside the clinical setting, Karena’s interests are varied and vibrant. A movie aficionado, an adventurous diner always on the hunt for novel restaurants, and a devout fitness enthusiast, she encompasses a zest for life. The wanderlust ingrained in her from her military family background means an international voyage is an annual ritual. At the heart of it all, though, is her treasured time with her husband, and daughter, and the cherished moments of fellowship within her religious community.


Education & Training

University of Pennsylvania

Ms Butler earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Pennsylvania.

Rush University 

Ms. Butler obtained her Doctor of Nursing Practice from Rush University in Chicago.