Kenneth Attaway, LCSW

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Mr. Kenny Attaway is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Delaware.

Mr. Attaway earned his Master’s degree in Behavioral Science/Management at Saint Joseph’s University.

Mental health is often overlooked in almost all sectors of the world -in and out of the US. Sadly, many do not respect nor understand the importance and plight of a “stable flourishing mind”. Physical health is essential, but what is the body without a stable mind? Kenny believes in building stronger tides of emotional health. One of his favorite journeys is to change the face of mental health – to make a true conscience everyday effort to show how important mental health is to everyone. We all need sanity.

Mr. Attaway has more than twenty years of experience working with families and individuals needing some form of emotional assistance; in which the last fifteen years have been exclusively given mental health services at a master’s level. He greatly enjoys using a range of therapeutic interventions, such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) therapy, play therapy, reality therapy, and a plethora of others. With diligence, dedication, promptness, a non-quit approach -along with debunking “the one size fit approach’ to achieving goals- He is honored to say he has changed many lives. In addition to providing individual, family and couples therapy

Kenny’s therapeutic approach begins and ends with grace and a willingness to enter an individual’s experience alongside them. He entered this field because he feels that he has an authentic listening heart that desires to see people live as whole, healthy individuals. Kenny believes in holistic healing that takes into consideration -the physical, emotional, and mental. He loves sports, music, and reading- He loves to listen to others, but loves peace and quiet as well.


Education & Training

Saint Joseph’s University

Mr. Attaway earned his Master’s degree in Behavioral Science/Management at Saint Joseph’s University