Kimberley Hall
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Ms. Kimberley Hall is a Nutrition Therapist.

Her passion and commitment to health and wellness grew out of her personal experience with chronic illness. Starting at the age of 16, she spent over a decade going from doctor to doctor, receiving no answers and feeling even more lost after each visit. While knowledgeable, each one had a different approach and perspective that led her down a series of detoured paths with short-term prescriptions (usually steroids) and no understanding of the deeper, underlying ailments.

Hall lived with chronic nasal issues (imagine a perpetual bad cold) and had to blow her nose just to taste food; layered on top of chronic itchy skin, psoriasis, itchy ears, foggy head, chronic fatigue, and more. She continued to endure symptoms through two pregnancies (a boy and girl, Miles and Anna), but after the birth of Anna at age 29, Kimberley truly felt she was not going to live long and could not be the mother she wanted to be due to this mysterious illness taking over her life. At the same time, Miles (just two years old at the time) was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease. The culmination of these events pushed her to a breaking point: Kimberley knew she would never stop working to heal herself and her family.

Kimberley has always had a natural curiosity for the human body and our complex world, which drove her to receive a BS in Biology at Western Washington University in 2005. Yet, the connections between food, nutrients, our bodies, the earth, and full health took her longer to develop. She ultimately found her way towards healing through integrative and functional medicine practices.

Once Hall discovered that everything she was putting into my body was affecting her, her personal experimenting began. For the last decade, Kimberley tried and tested nearly every diet and detox, deepening her understanding of how different approaches influenced her own health. She also completed an MS in Nutrition and Integrative Health at The Maryland University of Integrative Health, further enhancing her scientific and empirical understanding of overall wellness, and how unique individuals are influenced by these different dietary and lifestyle approaches. This comprehensive background in health and wellness allowed for her own healing brought immense influence to her family’s health and gave Kimberley the passion to reach beyond her family. She now lives symptom-free, full of energy, and with a strong desire to help others heal their own bodies and minds.


Education & Training

Western Washington University

Ms. Hall received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Western Washington University

Maryland University of Integrative Health

Ms. Hall earned her Master of Science degree in Nutrition and Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health