McFranklin Ogbonna, NP
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
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Mr. McFranklin Ogbonna is a Nurse Practitioner currently living in Texas.

Mr. Ogbonna graduated from Walden University and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

I have been working in the psychiatric department for 9 years, and have always been passionate about helping patients who suffer from mental illness to get better and beat whichever illness they are suffering from. We all go through hard times and sometimes need some help to get through and I’m here to help each and every person that I can get back to the level they were once before.

I enjoy suffering on the web and learning new things. I love playing complicated board games with my family (very competitive). I also enjoy learning new things about psychiatry that will help me better treat future clients. Being able to see patients improve each and everyday from whatever mental illness they were suffering from makes me want to work harder.

My goal is to get to know my patients and learn as much about them as I can and get the best solution to help them get better in the shortest amount of time. I have always wanted to help people and working in the psychiatric department is my passion. Some treatments take time and can be challenging but with the right team put in place nothing is impossible.


Education & Training

Walden University

Mr. Ogbonna attended Walden University

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Mr. Ogbonna attended the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences