Monica Dahl, LMHC
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Dr. Monica Geers Dahl, Ed.D., is licensed in Florida as a mental health counselor (MH13153).

Dr. Dahl’s clients enjoy her focus on relaxing the body / mind so that the indwelling wisdom of the spirit can emerge in work, play, love, and worship. Her therapeutic style is an eclectic blend of depth psychology, cognitive behavioral strategies, Gestalt, and multi-cultural spirituality. Her goal is to help you become aware of how your thoughts influence your feelings, stimulating your behaviors, and then how to modify your thoughts to engage productive feelings and behaviors. Be prepared to learn mind power methods for improving the development of your indwelling potential.

When Monica opened a private practice in hypnotherapy in 1985, she began to get feedback from physicians wanting to know how the patients they were referring to her were getting such great results. She began compiling a hypnotherapy training manual in 1989, submitted it for copyright in 1994, the same year it was accepted by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association for certification training.

In 1995, Monica began the academic journey toward a doctorate. She graduated summa cum laud from Eckerd College with a degree in Human Development, and a minor in Gender Studies. She started graduate counseling training at Liberty University, and after a year she transferred to Salve Regina University for a degree in Human Development. She completed a Doctor of Educationa in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University / Sarasota, with a dissertation topic of Neurofeedback for PTSD Symptom Reduction. She is author of chapter 10 in Restoring the Brain (editor Hanno Kirk, 2016), and chapter 13 in the second edition of Restoring the Brain (editor, Hanno Kirk, 2020).

Dr. Dahl’s students and clients benefit from her psychoeducational skills in helping them become re-empowered to success regarding self hypnosis, goal setting, weight reduction, smoking cessation, habit cessation (ie. Nail biting, bed wetting), peak performance in sports, academics, politics, business, and personal relationships, improved sleep habits, stress reduction / relaxation training, overcoming phobias, anxiety, depression, guilt, and shame.

Dr. Dahl intends to help you to clarify your thoughts, clear negative emotions, focus on positive outcomes, establish goals and celebrate successes.


Education & Training

Salve Regina University

Dr. Dahl received her Master’s degree in Human Development from Salve Regina University

Argosy University

Dr. Dahl received her Doctor of Education in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University, Sarasota

Eckerd College

Dr. Dahl graduated summa cum laud from Eckerd College with a degree in Human Development, and a minor in Gender Studies