Nakeya Gore, LCSW

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Nakeya Gore is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in Georgia and Wyoming. She received a Bachelors in Psychology from The University of Georgia and a Masters in Social Work from Valdosta State University. 

Having a military father, Ms. Gore was raised in various states as a young child. Eventually her family moved to Columbus, GA and settled in Atlanta as an adult. Seeing the struggles of everyday people such as her school aged peers, veterans and family members motivated her to find ways to help others deal with mental health and addiction issues.

Nakeya’s desire to better understand human behavior led to a career in the helping field, spanning twenty years of serving others. She approaches counseling as an opportunity to understand her client’s story and help them develop a path of healing that leads to a more meaningful life.

She continues to work in the field because it’s her passion. She has experienced moments with others in which they understood, accepted and improved themselves in ways that were meaningful to them. Being present with others while they grow is truly a gift. She’s happy that she gets to be a change agent for others. Nakeya describes herself as compassionate, logical, funny and a problem solver. She understands that life can dish out some tough moments and that needing support is normal. She believes that life isn’t meant to be done alone.

Ms. Gore is well versed and is a true believer in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The skills can lessen the intensity of many symptoms and are simple to practice. She also finds that acceptance and commitment therapy can help clients focus on what’s important to them, understand how the mind works and normalize the ups of various stages of life.

Outside of her clinical practice, she enjoys documentary films, outdoor festivals and trips traveling. When she’s not working, she spends time with my husband, son and two rowdy dogs.


Education & Training

University of Georgia

Ms. Gore received a Bachelors in Psychology from The University of Georgia.

Valdosta State University

Ms. Gore earned a Masters in Social Work from Valdosta State University.