Nichole Angola, LCSW

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Nichole Melissa Angola is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker serving clients in California & Washington. She holds a Masters of Social Work from Eastern Washington University. 

While she was born in the United States, Nichole has traveled and lived in many different countries for most of her life. Living among different cultures from around the world has opened her eyes to see the amazing likeness, wonder and inner strength that all human beings share. The experiences she has had have helped shape her into the person she is today and guided her to pursue a passion for advocating for social justice, fighting for human rights, empowering those through their inner strength and being a part of someone’s journey. Nicole decided that she wanted to become a social worker so that she could advocate for and help to empower those who are struggling. What keeps her in the field is being a part of her client’s life journey and seeing the change and growth in their lives. 

Nichole meets you where you are at in your journey and promises to work as hard as you work. She describes herself as kind, empathetic, compassionate, flexible, responsible, funny, welcoming, non-judgmental, strong and gentle. She believes in strength based therapy, and the power of narrative therapy.

Nichole believes that therapy only works when there is trust and rapport, and when both participants are open to hearing one another and are willing to put in honest work. No one can force change, change is an individual decision.

Outside of her clinical practice she enjoys being outside at the beach, hiking, paddle boarding, camping, reading, watching soccer, traveling, and is always up for a new adventure.


Education & Training

Eastern Washington University

Ms. Angola earned her Masters of Social Work from Eastern Washington University.

Metropolitan State University of Denver

Ms. Angola attended Metropolitan State University of Denver.