Nicole Prause, PHD
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Nicole Prause, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist.

Dr. Nicole Prause received her Doctorate in Clinical Science from Indiana University, Bloomington, and completed a Fellowship in Addictions from Harvard University. After 13 years of conducting research on clinical issues, Dr. Prause uses research-supported treatments to help adult clients.

Dr. Prause has taught other Ph.D. therapists to practice in sex and couples therapy and behavioral medicine. “Behavioral Medicine” includes issues typically of concern to medical practitioners, such as smoking cessation, chronic pain management, including headaches, and disorders of sleep. She works well with physician collaborators. She has experience with brain stimulation interventions, including appropriate referrals for transcranial direct current stimulation. When community safety allows, she also offers biofeedback in person.


Education & Training

Indiana University

Dr. Prause earned her Doctoral degree in Clinical Science from Indiana University

Harvard University

Dr. Prause completed her Medical Fellowship in Addictions at Harvard University