Priscella A. Jaén, LCSW
(pronounced “hi-yen”)


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Priscella A. Jaén grew up in Whittier, California. She received her Master of Social Work (MSW) from Temple University and lived in Philadelphia for more than six years.

Priscella utilizes Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in order to promote mindfulness with the brain and body connection. She specializes in Psychosis as well as Personality Disorders. The manner in which she approaches Clinical Therapy involves a great deal of spirituality given the complexities of mental health in the United States.

Priscella encourages potential clients to contact her by email with any questions to see if she is the right fit for them.


Education & Training

Cairn University

Ms. Jaén received her Bachelor of Science in Bible & BSW from Cairn University.

Temple University

Ms. Jaén received her MSW from Temple University.