Priscella A. Jaén, LCSW
(pronounced “hi-yen”)


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Priscella A. Jaén received her Bachelor of Science in Bible & BSW from Cairn University and her MSW from Temple University. She is a Certified Aromatherapist (International Certified Aromatherapy Institute) and a Certified Auriculotherapist (Institute of Bioenergetic Medicine).
She is continuing her training at the Institute of Bioenergetic Medicine, working toward Biofeedback Practitioner CBP, Master Herbalist MH, Energy Psychotherapist EP, and is a DNM, DSM, BD candidate.

Priscella was drawn to mental health because she wanted to be of service to the greater community and to vulnerable individuals. She believes that the possibilities of creating tangible and everlasting changes that improve people’s quality of life are endless and encouraging.

She wants clients to know that by heritage, design, and nature, her Spiritual Personality will influence their work together greatly, particularly if someone is suffering from any form of neurosis or psychosis.

Priscella was born in Whittier, California, and was a very independent child. While she never thought of her childhood as being difficult, her early work in the mental health field taught her that not only was it difficult, but it also left her incapable of basic emotional recognition and regulation. Even after 20 years,, this self-awareness still greatly influences her work with breath, existentialism, psychosis, and individuals who have endured severe traumas.

Priscella is an artist and works with all mediums. She is currently in medicine school studying for her doctorates in natural medicine, sacred medicine, and energetic medicine. She studies plants, geometry, minerals, metals, and colors on a daily basis and has been pursuing herbalism and ancient medicinal teachings for almost a decade.


Education & Training

Cairn University

Ms. Jaén received her Bachelor of Science in Bible & BSW from Cairn University.

Temple University

Ms. Jaén received her MSW from Temple University.