Samantha Tinter, LCSW

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Each client is unique as is their story, so it is of utmost importance to me that a safe and supportive environment is created to allow for resolution and healing. I am a psychotherapist who works with individuals managing various concerns. I have worked with clients dealing with parenting issues, grief/loss, divorce, self-esteem issues and anxiety. Because the human psyche is so complex, I incorporate many different modalities creating the most ideal situation for growth and learning. My experience as a former teacher allows me to guide clients through the most difficult times in their lives with love and support.

I received my training at Fordham University where I obtained a Master’s degree in Social Work and my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Ramapo College of New Jersey.  I work with my clients to determine realistic, positive and challenging goals. Through this work we uncover internal blind spots, areas that are avoided and neglected because they are painful, fear-based or overwhelming. This is where true healing begins.

It is a privilege to walk alongside my clients on their journey to optimal mental health. It can be a risk to open up and allow someone to see your deepest fears and wounds. I honor my clients with an open mind and heart so this transformation can be realized.


Education & Training

Ramapo College

Ms. Tinter earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the Ramapo College

Fordham University

Ms. Tinter received her Master’s degree in Social Work from the Fordham University