Shamea Hall, LMFT
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I am a licensed Marriage Family Therapist with experience working with people of different races, ethnicities, backgrounds, and different circumstances. I have a Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy, as well as a PhD in Performance Psychology, which means personal vision and goals are of importance. I truly love and enjoy being a part of finding solutions in people’s lives. When the risk of staying in the same circumstances starts to become painful, it’s time to take a risk towards growth.

Throughout my career, l have been able to work with a variety of populations to include prenatal behavioral health (0-5 age group), youth, adolescent, adult, couples, families, and geriatric. I have intentionally positioned myself in the mental health field to help support others succeed and have been happy with the progress. From PTSD, addiction, traumas and abuse, ADHD, depression, anxiety, anger, and many others challenges; success is possible. It has been a tremendous blessing to have witnessed so many people succeed towards their personal goals and towards a more accomplished future.

My professional experience and overall genuine sense of service has equipped me with a unique set of skills, insight, and clinical expertise necessary for assisting others improve and establish sustainable well-being.

Though I am a professional, I am also very much human. It is said, “to be a good helper, one must truly know the feeling of needing help”. My approach to therapy is “I’m human. I’m here to listen and use my skills to help”.

I can not wait to meet you and look forward to hearing from you:)


Education & Training

California Baptist University

Ms. Hall received her Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy at the California Baptist University

Grand Canyon University

Ms. Hall earned her PhD in Performance Psychology at the Grand Canyon University