Wendy Hall, LCSW

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Ms. Wendy Hall is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2004 and has had her RPT-S since 2008. She graduated in 2000 with her Master of Social Work with a focus on complex trauma, PTSD, and until recently play therapy. Wendy enjoys family therapy, working with all ages of clients from 14+ to adults. She believes we all have the ability inside of us to heal and will guide you along your journey, which is an honor.

She has worked with a variety of clients in many settings, the home, schools, and outpatient. Wendy currently does Telehealth Therapy and has really begun to enjoy it. She works with clients with many needs such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, family relationship issues, and self-esteem. Ms. Hall has a strong focus in training on trauma, work with survivors of sexual abuse, and is also a Certified Trained Adoption Therapist working with all parties impacted by adoption.

Her 4, yes 4! Crazy dogs make her the happiest. She also enjoys cooking and spending time with family (can’t wait to do that again). Wendy trained her dogs in a sport and had a malamute who loved agility, one who loves Rally, a boxer that also is deaf and loved agility. Her baby boxer is deaf and is quite the sniffer, so nose and scent work for him.


Education & Training

Virginia Commonwealth University

Ms. Hall received her Master of Social Work degree with a focus in complex trauma from Virginia Commonwealth University