Customer Service That’s as Forward-Thinking as our Practice

We believe:

  • Your appointments should start on time and end on time.
  • You should be able to email your clinician.
  • You should be able to complete any necessary forms online, well before you schedule an appointment.
  • You can provide your insurance information before scheduling an appointment so that together you and Client Support could confirm your insurance benefits.
  • If you need to redress a medication refill, you can handle that online.


Tools To Make Your Experience Outstanding

We have partnered with HardLoop, a professional medical practice management firm to manage customer service for our medical group. This enables our team to focus on what it does best – provide great care and support our clients in their pursuit of happiness.

The practice management firm we partnered with employs a sophisticated business intelligence and customer relationship management platform to ensure they provide cutting edge customer service. HardLoop staffs our offices with Client Support professionals and they run a dedicated call center to meet our clients’ needs.

Every request of every kind, from a simple question to prior authorizations, med refills to med record requests becomes a case that is tracked and worked until it’s adequately resolved. HardLoop manages all aspects of client support including scheduling, billing, and communication, so our team can focus on providing you the best care possible. HardLoop powers Happier Living.

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