Brittany Bettingen, RDN
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Ms. Brittany Bettingen is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

Ms. Bettingen utilizes an evidence-based approach drawing upon the latest research in longevity, biohacking, and healthspan from her graduate studies in nutrition science completed through the University of Southern California’s (USC), Leonard Davis School of Gerontology. Brittany also trained with the Institute for Functional Medicine granting her a foundation in holistic medicine using a patient-centered and root cause-driven approach to healing from disease. Brittany believes in the healing power of whole foods and is convinced a holistic lifestyle plays a critical role in the remission and prevention of health conditions.

Like many wellness practitioners, Brittany has overcome personal health challenges that ignited her fire to practice nutrition. These health challenges have led to her deep conviction in the power of food as medicine. She is a proponent of personalized medicine and believes each patient’s journey to health is unique and defined by an individualized approach to healing. Brittany loves helping her patients move from a place of confusion and frustration to a place of empowerment and confidence as they learn to make the most nourishing decisions for their bodies.


Education & Training

University of Southern California

Ms. Bettingen earned her Master’s degree in Nutrition Science at the University of Southern California Leonard Davis School of Gerontology

Institute of Functional Medicine

Ms. Bettingen trained at the Institute of Functional Medicine

University of San Diego

Ms. Bettingen received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of San Diego