Alexis Cohen, PHD
Director of Clinician Experience
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“To be loved is a wonderful thing, but to be understood is profound.” Alexis believes this is what we all want and a driving force behind the decision to enter into a therapeutic relationship. No matter what our personal struggle, we all want to feel that there is a place we can turn to for connection, help, and understanding. This comfortable, safe and warm therapeutic relationship is central to her approach, and she believes, paramount to healing.

While Alexis has been trained in a wide variety of approaches (psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, classic analytic, dialectical-behavioral, bodywork, dream work, and a variety of manualized treatments). She believes that you are the expert when it comes to yourself and that you will show her the best way that she can be of service to you. It is for that reason that Alexis takes a unique and integrative approach with each client, specifically tailoring a custom treatment to your needs, rather than attempting to fit you into a pre-existing, one-size-fits-all approach. Celebrating and understanding each person’s unique differences, while remembering that “we’re all more human than otherwise”, best sums up her approach to psychotherapy.

Alexis is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with more than a decade and a half of clinical experience, providing individual and group psychotherapies and psychological testing to both children and adults. Though she’s run the spectrum of working with mental health issues, her focus is primarily on working with adults with mood and anxiety disorders and relational/interpersonal difficulties.

She attended Pennsylvania State University, where she obtained two Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Psychology and Spanish, procured a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University, and a second Master’s Degree and Doctorate from Adelphi University. Alexis has worked at Coler-Goldwater Nursing Hospital and Specialty Facility, where she also served as Director of Psychology Externship Training and Assistant Director of Psychology Internship Training. Alexis was the Director of Psychology Externship Training at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, where she also ran the Consultation-Liaison Service. Most recently, she developed and ran the Psychology Externship Program at Brightpoint Health, where she worked as a psychologist. Alexis has been an adjunct faculty member at Rutgers University, Adelphi University, and the City University of New York, and also spent eight years as a member of the Psychology Directors of New York State (PSYDNYS). Currently, she resides in Philadelphia, where she writes, consults, and provides psychotherapy.

Spending time with friends, family, and people with whom Alexis has cultivated meaningful relationships makes her most happy! Also, candy and the beach!


Education & Training

Columbia University

Dr. Cohen earned a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University

Adelphi University

Dr. Cohen earned a second Master’s degree and her Doctorate’s degree from Adelphi University

Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Cohen earned two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology and Spanish from Pennsylvania State University