Lori LaRiviere, MD
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Hello. My name is Lori L LaRiviere. I earned my MD from Washington University in St Louis Medical School and completed residency training at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. I also completed a research fellowship in Neuroimaging at the University of Minnesota.

Clinically, I am very interested in helping clients heal by facilitating their exploration of ways to develop self-forgiveness, self-compassion, and mindfulness. I participate in conferences that support research into these areas and explore prosocial initiatives. I have worked with many clients on how to improve their emotion regulation so they feel more effective in their relationships.

My family and relationships are what make me the happiest. I am also grateful for my contemplative practice which has provided a lot of joy and stability.


Education & Training
California State University, Chico Logo

California State University, Chico

Dr. LaRiviere received her Bachelor’s degree from¬†California State University, Chico

Washington University School of Medicine

Dr. LaRiviere earned her Medical Degree from Washington University School of Medicine