Sally Raiford, LMFT
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Ms. Sally Raiford, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Ms. Raiford completed her educational training from Azuza Pacific University, earning a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology, Marital and Family Therapy.

Being of service to her wonderful clients is Sally’s calling. Being supportive, a good listener and offering guidance based on the needs of clients is of utmost importance. Working with hundreds of clients from all walks of life who are facing any number of challenges has given her a unique perspective and ability to quickly and effectively focus on the heart of the matter. She assists her clients in connecting to their own inner wisdom and supports them all throughout the process. Sally’s skill and gift are to offer insight for those who struggle with confusion, lack of clarity, and focus. Who are unsure of which way to go. Her greatest strength is working with individuals who struggle with depression and anxiety concerning relationship issues, such as, infidelity, separation, and divorce. She has witnessed over and over again having a trusted and calming confidant allows someone with a broken heart to find the path of healing and finally begin to move forward in a manner they had only dreamed about. There is no need to suffer from your broken heart all alone. Help is available. Make an appointment today and see for yourself the incredible changes and healing that can take place when you decide to trust in yourself and someone who has your best interest at heart.


Education & Training

Azusa Pacific University

Ms. Raiford received her Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology, Marital and Family Therapy from Azuza Pacific University