Alan Flitton, PSYD
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Dr. Alan Flitton thanks you for considering him as your guide to better mental health and happier living.

Dr. Flitton is a Licensed Psychologist with over twenty years of experience.

He earned his Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology in 1999 at the California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego, California – now a part of Alliant International University.

As a clinical psychologist, he helps people overcome anxiety (general anxiety, panic, OCD), depression, trauma, negativity, and anger, as well as develop better self-awareness and insight, self-compassion, and more productive and fulfilling life. Alan does this with a cognitive-behavioral theoretical framework utilizing techniques that include motivational interviewing, psycho-education, mindfulness, positive psychology, and meditation – all science-driven approaches to mental health. Because he uses a cognitive-behavioral framework, he prefers working with people twelve and older, as brain development beginning at age twelve is more conducive to cognitive-behavioral work.

The truth is that change can sometimes be uncomfortable and unpleasant, but the fact that you are considering making changes in your life is the first big step. The truth is also that if you approach change with curiosity instead of fear, the feelings will be less uncomfortable and less unpleasant. The door to your future is in front of you. Go ahead and open the door and be curious. Alan is waiting for you.


Education & Training

Alliant International University

Dr. Flitton earned his Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Alliant International University