Fred Moss, MD

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Dr. Fred Moss, MD, a seasoned Board-Certified psychiatrist, boasts an illustrious career spanning over four decades. His journey began in Detroit, inspired early on by an elder brother in the same profession. His commitment to holistic healing was further cemented during his tenure as a childcare worker, emphasizing the essence of genuine communication.

A proud graduate of Wayne State University, Dr. Moss pursued his medical studies at Northwestern University. He specialized in psychiatry at the University of Cincinnati and broadened his expertise with a Child/Adolescent fellowship, further branching into geriatrics, forensics, and drug rehabilitation.

Empathy, curiosity, and authenticity characterize Dr. Moss’s approach. His dedication to offering individualized care shines through, as he dives deep into his vast repertoire of interventions to find bespoke solutions. He’s a fervent advocate for collaborative care, valuing the synergy between care teams and clients to realize therapeutic aspirations.

His formative years, marked by familial influences and personal therapeutic experiences, have been pivotal in molding his empathetic approach. As someone who’s always been a confidante, Dr. Moss remains a steadfast beacon of support for countless individuals.

Outside his professional realm, Dr. Moss is an avid reader, swimmer, and cat enthusiast. He’s also a passionate podcaster, writer, and speaker. Accompanied by his beloved wife, he often takes to the open road, soaking in new experiences on the weekend.


Education & Training

Wayne State University

Dr. Moss received his Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from Wayne State University.

Northwestern University

Dr. Moss pursued his medical studies at Northwestern University.