Samantha Davidge, LCSW

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Samantha Davidge is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker passionate about helping clients live happy and fulfilling lives. She approaches her clients with genuine interest and understands the decision to enter therapy, explore difficulties, and make changes is a courageous one. Clients have shared about Samantha’s patience and skills that enhanced their capacity to gain insight, make mental shifts, apply behavioral changes and achieve a truly enhanced life experience.
A great deal of Samantha’s therapeutic work has been in the area of death and dying. Her work with terminally-ill patients and their families provided a foundation as well as a continued privilege of serving and understanding individuals from many different cultural, ethnic, racial, faith-based, and socio-economic communities. Additionally, she has worked with young children through to centurions striving to adjust and adapt to various types of crises and life situations.
Samantha’s experience with assisting individuals includes exploring and developing strategies to improve clients’ coping with problems such as:
Loss and grief
Employment changes
Strained family or peer relationships
Parenting difficulties
Chronic or acute physical health issues
Adoption related issues
Mid and later life issues i.e. empty nest, retirement, downsizing, caring for an aging or ill family member

Adjustment or coping difficulties related to the above issues may be experienced as diminished ability to retain information, difficulty focusing and/or finishing tasks, strained personal and/or professional relationships, changed sleeping or eating behaviors, poor school or work performance, moodiness, difficulty making decisions, feelings of indifference, feeling less interested or motivated in activities that are usually enjoyable, or physiological changes such as headaches, digestive troubles, muscle tension and/or soreness, pacing, lowered energy level, and/or using alcohol or other substances to alter emotions.
Samantha earned her Master’s in Social Work from USC in 1991. She has been trained in psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral theories and has extensive experience in assisting clients learn, apply and integrate evidence based approaches to treat and improve their specific problems. Additionally she utilizes the expertise of other disciplines and therapies as indicated to support a holistic problem resolution and healing approach.


Education & Training

University of Southern California

Ms. Davidge earned her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Southern California