Ashley Fuchs, MD

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Dr. Ashley Fuchs, MD, is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist dedicated to uplifting the mental well-being of her clients. Born in Brooklyn and later moving just two hours outside of Manhattan, Ashley grew up embracing the wonders of nature, enjoying activities like camping, hiking, and biking on rail trails. Her upbringing in a nurturing environment, enriched with the serenity of nature and the bond of close-knit relationships, greatly influenced her compassionate approach to care.

Ashley embarked on her academic journey at the State University of Albany, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Science. She then pursued her Doctor of Medicine from Saba University School of Medicine, located in the picturesque setting of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba. Further to this, Dr. Fuchs became the Chief Resident at the Bergen New Bridge Medical Center in Paramus New Jersey.

Ever since childhood, Dr. Fuchs felt a profound inclination toward the mental health field. A pillar of strength for many, she was fortunate to have a strong support system during her formative years. This nurturing environment fostered her deep-rooted desire to be a beacon of hope for those navigating emotional challenges. Tragically, a few months before starting her residency, Ashley lost her mother, her closest confidante and inspiration. This devastating event, rather than deterring her, intensified her commitment to understanding emotional resilience and harnessing it to help others.

Ashley describes herself as understanding, positive, and bubbly, with a realistic approach to challenges. Her bubbly nature complements her unwavering determination to make a tangible difference in her clients’ lives. A steadfast believer in empathy and connection, Ashley commits to doing everything within her capability to enhance her clients’ moods and overall quality of life. The intrinsic satisfaction of positively impacting others’ lives, using skills honed over the years, continually fuels her passion.

Outside the realm of her professional life, Ashley is an ardent nature enthusiast. She frequently ventures into parks with her husband, walking their two beloved dogs, or cycling on rail trails. They cherish time spent with friends, and exploring new eateries and towns. Proximity to Manhattan affords them the luxury of indulging in occasional Broadway shows and opera performances.


Education & Training

State University of Albany

Dr. Fuchs earned her Bachelor Degree of Science at the State University of Albany.

Saba University School of Medicine

Dr. Fuchs obtained her Doctor of Medicine from Saba University School of Medicine.