Deborah Osinoff , LCSW

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Deborah Osinoff holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Mercy College and a Master of Social Work (MSW) from Fordham University. She also completed the two-year Crisis Intervention and Preventive Psychiatry training program from The Center for Preventive Psychiatry and a Seminar In Field Instruction (SIFI) from Columbia School of Social Work.

Therapy was a natural career choice for Deborah as she tends to naturally gravitate toward others who are struggling emotionally. Her many years of experience have enhanced her ability to confidently and successfully treat clients. Her career has been overwhelmingly rewarding as she has had the opportunity to watch clients overcome their emotional struggles and lead fuller lives. Deborah is big on psycho-education. She often “thinks out loud”’ during sessions because she wants her clients to understand her train of thought and to ask questions.

Deborah was born and raised in Westchester County in New York. Her parents divorced when she was 16, and mental health support was virtually non-existent at the time. As a young adult she explored the country, relocating to Florida, Southern and Northern California, only to return to Westchester to raise a family. It was interesting for her to learn how other people across the country lived. This piqued her interest in family dynamics and personal relationships. Growing up in a close Italian family, she eventually learned to become less passive and more assertive, which ultimately allowed her to be an independent person.

The best compliment Deborah ever received was learning that one of her clients told another newer client not to mistake her kindness as weakness.

When she isn’t working, Deborah’s absolute favorite way to relax is to ride as a passenger on the back of a motorcycle. She also enjoys the beach, the woods, and gardening.


Education & Training

Mercy College

Ms. Osinoff holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Mercy College.

Fordham University

Ms. Osinoff holds a Master of Social Work from Fordham University.