Nastacia Chavannes, MD

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Dr. Nastacia Chavannes, MD, is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist who specializes in both General Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Born and raised in the vibrant Haitian-American community, Nastacia was deeply influenced by a culture that values education, leadership, and community unity. This background, underpinned by good food, music, and unyielding support from family and friends, played a crucial role in shaping her professional journey.

She attended the University of Miami, obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Education with a major in Exercise Physiology. Keen to delve deeper into medicine, she pursued her studies at Albany Medical College. This foundation was built upon with a General Psychiatry Residency at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. Dr. Chavannes further specialized with a Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry through the esteemed Mt. Sinai Icahn School of Medicine at Bronxcare Health System.

Describing herself as “odd but relatable,” Nastacia’s commitment to the field of psychiatry goes beyond conventional realms. She’s drawn to the amalgamation of traditional medicine with the less conventional—integrating her diverse interests in science, health, and wellness to genuinely enhance someone’s life quality. At the heart of her practice is the conviction that mental health care should prioritize the quality of one’s days over mere quantity.

Clients engaging with Dr. Chavannes should know that she’s truly there for them. This commitment is not just a professional stance but is deeply rooted in her personal belief and love for the field. Continuously inspired by novel ideas and challenges, Nastacia sees a world of potential in psychiatry. She passionately believes that while the field is burgeoning, there’s immense scope for it to be more patient-centric. Advocacy, growth, and learning lie at the core of her continued dedication.

Outside the sphere of her professional endeavors, Dr. Chavannes is an embodiment of zest and energy. She thrives in the outdoors, cycles with enthusiasm, dances with joy, and seldom misses an opportunity to attend a festival. She also has a penchant for murder mysteries, often indulging in binge-watching sessions, all while cherishing moments spent with loved ones.


Education & Training

The University of Miami

Dr. Chavannes attended the University of Miami, obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Education with a major in Exercise Physiology.

Albany Medical College

Dr. Chavannes pursued her studies at Albany Medical College.